Coast To Coast Creative Clubhouse  

What is the Creative Clubhouse?



Coast To Coast Creative Clubhouse will reopen on 10/1/20!! 

An online membership group to learn how to paint on different surfaces, subjects and techniques.

What happens in the clubhouse?

  • You will receive at least 2 art lessons a month

  • Lessons will be announced ahead of time and a supply list will be given at that time!!

  • Lessons will be LIVE on the private group page

  • LIVE demos

  • Collaboration with other artists from time to time

  • As a TRIBE member you will 24/7 access to all videos and demos on the private group page.

Here are just some samples of what will be

taught in the lessons!!

From canvas to furniture painting...One Stroke Painting to painting techniques and lots of demos!!

There will be plenty more!!

Coast To Coast

Creative Clubhouse


Monthly Fee – $25.00

Join our WAITLIST now to get the low price of $25.00 

Will REOPEN 10/1/20

Once email is received you will receive an invoice starting 10/15/20!! 


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